Vija - Skin to Skin Cami for Twins w/ Bandeau - Charcoal

Vija - Skin to Skin Cami for Twins w/ Bandeau - Charcoal

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Kangaroo care for twins - two piece set includes camisole and bandeau. Bandeau will come in a size larger than Camisole to allow room for 2 babies.

Allows for easy Kangaroo Care, Skin-to-Skin Contact and Nursing from birth (any weight) to 15 lbs.  

Designed in collaboration with parents of twins and multiples, the twin camisole's unique design supports two babies upright against their parent's chest for skin to skin contact/kangaroo care. The soft pockets are designed to support each baby in an ergonomic position, without them bumping into each other as happens when using items designed for single babies.  Combined with the cummerbund (included) the set creates a secure three layer support to enable hands free kangaroo care. Always be aware of your children's positions and movement and be ready to respond should they need any adjustment.

The cummerbund can be used during and after pregnancy as a bellyband for cover and support, as a hip band to camouflage unbuttoned trousers or as a tube top.  It serves as the most basic supportive Skin-to-Skin/Kangaroo Care item in our range and when used alone allows mum or dad to practice Skin-to-Skin/Kangaroo Care whilst seated or lying down using their hands to support baby as needed.  Encourages breastfeeding initiation and allows easy nursing.

  • This garment holds twin babies in skin-to-skin and allows easy breastfeeding with both babies.
  • Babies can sit inside the front sections in a "frog" or "fetal" position.
  • This product is made of high density 4-way stretch  Jersey (94% cotton / 6% spandex).
  • Mothers can hold twins with confidence up to about 13 lb babies (6,5 kg) when worn with Basic Bandeau. The basic bandeau comes in a larger size to accommodate 2 babies.
  • This corsage fits small since it must be adjusted. If you hesitate between two sizes, we recommend that you select the larger one.
  • Made in Canada.